by Like-Minded

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released January 1, 2016

Written and Performed by Like-Minded.
Recorded and Mixed by Nicholas Hertzberg.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Original Drawing by Liz Paton.
Layout Design by Nicholas Hertzberg.

Like-Minded is:
Cait Darcy- vocals/guitar
Ryan Mortola- drums
Nicholas Hertzberg- guitar/keys/vocals

On this album:
Paul Lewis- bass



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Like-Minded New Jersey

Debut Self-Titled EP
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Track Name: Nice To Meet Me
“You’ll see, you’ll see when you’re older.”
They say, as they, refuse my candor
And I’m sick, I’m sick from the fire
That they claim, I’m dancing around

(I’ve never been more clean)
I know nothing’s waiting for me
But you were right: the truth set me free

They told me, “Do as you’re told. You’re body’s a temple.”
The ink on your cross is saying a lot
And since I’ve found my way, I can be. Oh, what a relief
Excuse me from your transparent crowns

(I’ve never been more clean)
I know nothing’s waiting for me
and you were right:the truth set me
I know nothing’s waiting for me
It’s nice to meet me finally
Track Name: My Civil War
If I, If I had to guess
I’d say you’re losing interest
You’re in my thoughts, I confess, just a little bit less than before

Why do you want to ignore
the obvious contrast?
You can be honest with me. I won’t hold it against you
I won’t hold it against you

When you were thinking, when you were thinking, when you were thinking I was lying there and bleeding out
When you were sleeping, when you were sleeping, when you were sleeping I was lying there and bleeding out
I was sinking, yeah I was sinking, you saw me sinking trying to know what you dream about
What do you dream about?

And I'm glad you don't mind it when I talk in my sleep
I guess I'm a little nervous you may have gotten to me
You're probably wondering, am I that self-absorbed?
Every slight move, a result of what I did before
This is my civil war

And I've been thinking, "How could you sleep while I bleed out?"
And I was sinking in the circles you were swimming around
Track Name: Happy
Are you happy?
Are you glad that it went this way
The vivid memories are keeping me a slave
Who knew I could be so brave
Are you lonely
You’ll never feel the way I feel
A deep breath with no air never felt so real
Can you hear me gasping?

You and me and everything we used to be
Will never be the same
And if I could go back in time and change my mind
I don’t know if it would change
But you make me feel less

Don’t you believe me
When I say there’s a burning in my body
It remains in me until I’m dead and rotting
Don’t you see that I’m dying

Sweep me under your rug
With all the bones and the dust you collect there
So lovely, things that you speak of
A lovely mask you wear

But I think I’m happy
Despite your need for a happy ending
Someday you’ll have to stop pretending
Someday I’ll stop the charade
Track Name: Monday
Feeling like a film out of focus
Sleep deprived, one more night
Feeling like there's a hole in my wrist
6AM comes and we abide

And when Monday comes
You bite your tongue
Track Name: The Moon Won't Set
Sometimes I lose my grip
By this time I start to slip
And the only difference
Is that you seem care for it

Keep me, keep me
Keep me, I’m all in
Never thought I’d be
So confident
The moon for us
I’m sure won’t ever set
Won’t ever set

Like leaves in the cold, I’d start to deteriorate
Endless need for a breath and I’d get no break
My wintery heart would flee from such betterment
With you I want to stay

Keep me, keep me
Keep me, I’m all in
Never thought I’d be
So confident
The moon for us
I’m sure won’t ever set
Won’t ever set

Keeps me awake
I lie there awake
Track Name: Get Sick
Your half-truths and tales as tall as the trees
Had us all feeling sorry and down on our knees
And it took sometime, but I opened my eyes
Now I don’t know who to believe

I jumped however high to keep you from crying
But I grew so tired and eventually stopped trying
Was lost in the night, but I found a light
And I’ve never been more happy

You always needed to attention
Well here you go, now
Does it satisfy your thirst?
Satisfy your thirst

And if I’ve pained you, then I’m sorry
But I have no regrets and I’d do it again in a heartbeat
Oh, I’d do it again

Some say I waited until you turned your back
You could say that I’m jaded, but how fair is that?
If you’d open your eyes, maybe you’d realize
I’m not the one you’re angry at

I thought you were gone, but sometimes you linger
I guess I was wrong or my mind was eager
To really believe, you wouldn’t deceive
And I could move along

Incessant self-pity has gotten you nowhere
Yet you still insist you are never to blame
Tell me why you’re alone in the rain

Your whimsy persona is surely sought after
Yet you’re always caught washing away the shame
Perhaps that’s why you’re alone in the rain

Who can help if you can’t help yourself?